Saturday, May 27, 2006

A blurb on me and my postgraduate research.

My name is Iz Sulaini & I hail from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2004, I entered one of my works into the 2004 Privacy Victoria Awards competition and won the Staff Prize and Third Prize awarded by the Victorian Privacy Commissioner. I have also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Advertising-Creative) with Distinction in 2005. I am now currently enrolled in the LABSOME studio doing the Bachelor of Communication (Media) (Honours) at RMIT. Through this Honours degree, I am currently doing a research thesis on intercultural communications and the role of a mediator agency mediating communications between English and non-English speaking businesses in the Asia Pacific Region. The results of my findings-survey-interviews-case study will be converted into a 10-minutes DVD show reel, which is going to be shot on SONY's HDR-HC3 HD camera, which will also be accompanied by a reflective exegesis. Aside from me wanting to be a creative in an advertising agency, the outcome of my research will also be a great tool to help "sell" and "position" myself to prospective employers in Melbourne and/or overseas after I graduate. This research project will also translate into my new business venture, and so there is benefit, not only for me, but also equally importantly for creative industry people to become aware, and in fact, potentially become clients when I enter into the marketplace sometime in the future (of course when I have substantial experience in the field).

Other than that, I am also an aspiring singer/songwriter currently writing songs for my second demo. I have had experiences in stage theatre and musicals such as West End's Miss Saigon and Les Miserables in the past. Traveling the world is a way for me to escape... the general media. I prefer to experience things first hand and form my own way of thinking on matters that interest me the most. I love people. I love creative people. Being around them makes me feel wonderful and alive. I am friendly. In fact, very friendly.

I am happy to meet anybody boring or interesting, nerdy or bitchy, modern or conservative, pretentious people, serious ones, or hard-to-deal with types. I don't really care, as I was once of all the things I just said. Who cares.... Cheers, IZ.


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