Saturday, May 27, 2006

IZ - My collaboration project with Meanwhile member, Amanda.

For the collaboration project, Amanda (my collaborator) and I came up with a lot of ideas regarding my research project. On our first meeting, I briefed her more on my topic and we decided that we should come out with something that could brand my idea. We start doodling around on the long roll of paper and did some sketches of my ideas, words, logos, whatever that come to our heads.

Our second meeting Amanda presented me our rough ideas on Illustrator. She showed me the rough works she'd done, the illustration. I am not going to tell you guys what it is now, but we start changing things around and start thinking out other things. Colour usage is a crucial thing. Since A colour means differently in different countries, we have to be careful not to 'offend' certain cultures with our usage of colours. Hmm, does any of you guys no anything about colour like how it meant differently in other cultures?

Then, last Thursday in Meanwhile, we watched a video I borrowed from RMIT on cross-cultural communications. I wanted Amanda to understand the topic at hand better, and I thought by watching this video together with her, and then brainstorm afterwards, could bring out a better outcome or a better idea to an array of our existing rough ideas. We did brainstorm and change a few things around. Until both of us got bored and decided to have dinner together with Amanda's friend, Virginia at a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown.

At the moment, both of us are still looking for our final outcome as we haven't decided on anything yet at this moment. Waiting for inspiration to come around and say hi... LOL.

So, thats what I have done so far with my collaborator in Meanwhile.


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