Saturday, May 27, 2006

IZ - My ethics approval. Good news!

I got a letter from the Design and Social Context Portfolio yesterday (Friday 26th May 06) regarding my Ethics Application.

It says: The Design and Social Context Human Research Ethics Sub-Comittee at its meeting on 19 May 2006 assessed your ethics aplication entitled "Cross-cultural Communication: 'Hits and Misses'.

I am pleased to advise that your application will receive approval at Risk Level 2 classification subject to the following minor amendments being sighted to the satisfaction of the Chair.

Yay, a few amendments and I am off to go! I have already organised quite a number of interviews in Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur and going to fly off soon in July! This is good news. The letter stated that I need to complete and submit the amendments to the committee by 7 June, so it will be ready for consideration at the next ethics meeting on the 16th of June.

Is there anyone else still waiting for their ethics approval? How about you Kristin?


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