Saturday, May 27, 2006

What Am I Doing?

My name is IZ and I am currently a Postgraduate student doing my HONOURS year at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology here in Melbourne and I am very interested in filming an interview for my research thesis on cross-cultural communication. The results of my findings-survey-case study will be converted into a 10-minute DVD show reel shot on HD. Since my research will focus mainly around the Asia Pacific Region, I am also organizing interviews with advertising agencies in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and probably India. Below is my research abstract providing a brief outline of my topic.

1. Problem: Issues of cross-cultural communication raise significant and legitimate problems faced by the international creative industry, especially in advertising.

2. Why the problem is a problem: The mistranslation of ideas, concepts, puns, nuances, copy, slogans and jingles can mean that the intent and theme of a major international campaign is misrepresented, simply naïve or even offensive to some target markets.

3. How to deal with the problem: The development of a "cultural-linguistic-CREATIVE-interpreter-translator mediator" international agency, or mediator agency, would help advertising agencies to apply their creative outcomes in a range of national markets especially in the Asia Pacific Region.

4. This would facilitate effective cross-cultural communication, thus helping to maintain brand identity and campaign strategies across different markets and cultures.

I am dedicating the whole month of July 2006 filming interviews in different countries in Asia. The month of August will be dedicated for filming Melbourne interviewees.

Iz Sulaini


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