Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bib #15 "Language Copywriting Services."

n.a. "Language Copywriting Services." EBusiness Globalisation and Translation Experts. 17 March 2006:, 15 June 2006.

Translation alone can only mirror the exact meaning of the source (original) word for word or sentence for sentence. As the original text was written for English audience, the expression, style and how information is presented target the English speaking audience. Different cultural audience model and express information differently, so translation alone can not mirror the same marketing pitch or the under laying message design to influence the readers. This is where language copywriting comes in.

Language copywriting aims to creatively write the language content that not only captures the exact meaning of the text, but also the expression, style and the under laying messages design to influence to reader.

Note: The mediating agency I am looking at developing will only hire copywriters who have a strong command of English and their native language, have the experience and background, or studied, or worked in the advertising industry as this Mediating agency will only serve the advertising, marketing and communication companies.


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