Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bib #16 "Cosmopolitanism." The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2002 Edition)

Brown, Eric and Kleingeld, Pauline. "Cosmopolitanism." The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2002 Edition). 2002:, June 2006

The word ‘cosmopolitan’, which derives from the Greek word kosmopolitês (‘citizen of the world’), has been used to describe a wide variety of important views in moral and socio-political philosophy. The nebulous core shared by all cosmopolitan views is the idea that all human beings, regardless of their political affiliation, do (or at least can) belong to a single community, and that this community should be cultivated. Different versions of cosmopolitanism envision this community in different ways, some focusing on political institutions, others on moral norms or relationships, and still others focusing on shared markets or forms of cultural expression. The philosophical interest in cosmopolitanism lies in its challenge to commonly recognized attachments to fellow-citizens, the local state, parochially shared cultures, and the like.

Cosmopolitanism - regarding my intention of developing this Mediating "cultural-linguistic-CREATIVE-interpreter-translator mediator" agency, this word is actually very relevant to what I want to do and is also one of the important things I need to carefully look at and examine. I have to define the word Cosmopolitanism in order to understand and also find out to what degree of complexity in global advertising, marketing and communications across different market. For example, the new nouveau riche in the outskirts of Beijing, might have very similar taste in music, TV programs, cars, house, way of life and style compare to someone who is also wealthy in let say, California. The local Beijing "new money" might not share similar values and style and the way of life with someone who is a farmer working at the paddy field in Beijing, but instead, have more similar qualities and aspirations with h/hers California counterpart.


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