Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bib #22

n.a. "Adcandy." 2004:, June 2006

Adcandy, a US based website main objective is to give consumers a voice and platform to express their creative advertising ideas, product improvement suggestions, and images. In doing so, they hope to provide companies a unique look into the minds of their consumers.

This website is relevant to my research topic on cross-cultural communication as, the public can easily answer any briefs advertised on the adcandy website and if their ideas are chosen, they will get to win prizes. I think this in a way could affect the future of advertising. What could this mean is that, a product can be marketed globally and across different national markets more easily since the consumer is given the opportunity to voice out what they think.

But just imagine, what would happen if more and more products and ad campaigns are being devise in this manner?

Could the role of advertising and marketing companies vanished?

Does this mean ads are better targeted?

Will this be an indication that global advertising will soon faced lesser issues and problems, and target local cultures effectively?

Just check out adcandy and see if you guys could give a try at answering some of the briefs they have on their website.


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