Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bib #23 "Harvey Nichols Spring Summer Campaign."

Crandall, Greg. "Harvey Nichols Spring Summer Campaign." Making Waves Q1/06. 2006:, 15 June 2006.

This is an article by one of the advertising folks that I am going to meet when I am overseas, Greg Crandall, owner of Splash Communications which is based in Hong Kong with offices in Thailand and Singapore.

The article is about Harvey Nichols launching their new store in Hong Kong and how did they do it in the first place. Read the excerpt below.

In their first advertising efforts, they leveraged the campaign created for their UK outlets. But like most brands coming to Asia for the first time, they later realized that Hong Kong was not overly familiar with the brand and that it was time to re-interpret the global profile with a more localized approach.
I find this article absolutely relevant to my topic. It is a good recent example of how a company that wants to provide exclusive, leading-edge fashion to a city that only cares about trophy shopping, being localized but still maintains a global profile. Look at the posters attached with this entry. The main "star" is wearing a bright red top, as Red is a well-known representation of 'LUCK' in Chinese culture and the use of it is recommended for ads or campaigns that appear in this culture.


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