Friday, June 16, 2006

Bib #24 'A Woman's Place?.'

Phipps, Sue. 'A Woman's Place?.' The Portrayal of Women in Advertisements. Abford House: London, 1991. pp. 3-28

This book published by The Advertising Association in London covers the way women are depicted in the media, across different cultures and how it has received increasing attention as people have realized the effect such images can have on their audience.

Advertising, while it uses a variety of communication techniques, from computer graphics to animation, and from so-called "slice of life" drama to the distinctly surreal, has been a particular focus of attention for its portrayal of women, not least from practitioners in the industry itself.

The way I find this read is relevant to my topic is that it covers a wide range of issues regarding advertisements about women, and how women in different countries and cultures react to a certain marketing or advertising campaign aimed towards them.


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