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Bibliography #7

Kloss, Ingomar. "Advertising Worldwide." Advertising Conditions in Selected Countries. 2001. pp 1 - 22

International advertising agencies faces completely different situations concerning information about the market conditions in a foreign country. Compared with national advertising, standards of procuring and interpreting information are higher in international advertising. Media behavior is related to the communication styles of individual cultures, and there are extremely wide differences in the advertising conditions per country.

This entry is on Individualism vs Collectivism and how the media behavior (in this case regarding to placement of advertising campaigns), is related to the communications styles of cultures. The use of the WWW and ownership of personal computers varies widely across different cultures and countries, as it is also culturally bound. Values of national culture influence consumption and buying habits. As communication behavior is related to culture, it is particularly important for international advertisers to understand their relationship. Style of arts, literature and interpersonal communication of countries are reflected in their advertising styles. By understanding the general communication styles of cultures, it is easier to personalized or create a marketing exercise/ad campaign targeted towards these different cultures and countries.

Individualist Culture
- People look after themselves and their immediate family only.
- Values are in the person.
- More explicit verbal communication.
- Individualist cultures are more verbally oriented - verbally oriented cultures tend to read more.
- People are more likely to take their work home.

Collectivist Culture
- People belong to in-groups who look after them in exchange for loyalty.
- A person's identity is based in the social network to which one belongs.
- More implicit verbal communication.
- Collectivist cultures are more visually oriented.
- Taking work home is not the usual behavior in collectivist cultures.

Approximately 70% of the world population is collectivist. The north-west of Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand are individualist.

p/s: Looked up the internet last night and there is a second version of the same book covering more countries. I want to get it.

Book Description
This book deals with all aspects of advertising in selected countries. It is a follow-up of Advertising Worldwide by the same editor. The leading magazine "Werben und Verkaufen" (Advertising and Selling) wrote in its review to that volume: "For all advertisers, agencies and students an absolute must is this reader with contributions to the state as well as to the different cultural and legal conditions of advertising worldwide".(Issue 40/2001) The book covers Bulgaria, China, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom and contains a chapter on intercultural management and a case study of Barclaycard International. The authors are specialists from the respective countries.


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