Friday, June 02, 2006

Bibliography #8

Kloss, Ingomar. "More Advertising Worldwide." 2002. p 4

(Some of the qualities listed here are very relevant to the development of my Mediator agency which provides "cultural-linguistic-CREATIVE-interpreter-translator" mediators for multinational, national and local advertising agencies especially in the Asia Pacific Region)

The Multicultural Manager
1. Managers need to have cross-cultural skills, which means the ability to demonstrate a sequence of behavior that is functionally related to attaining a performance goal.
2. True multicultural manager is more "cosmopolitan" - that is, innovative leaders who are effective intercultural communicators and negotiators.
3. The multicultural manager is comfortable operating anywhere in the world whether representing a business, a government, a foundation, an association or a profession.
4. Are capable of functioning readily around their homeland and its regional groupings, or of moving across borders.

Characteristically they:
a) Understand the nature of culture, and how it influences behavior in the workplace.
b) Recognize the differences between cultures.
c) Recognize which and how cultural factors influence the expression of business structures, systems, and priorities.
d) Think beyond local perceptions, and transform stereotypes into positive views of people.
e) Prepare for new mindshifts, while eliminating old mindsets.
f) Re-create cultural assumptions, norms, and practices based on new insights and experiences.
g) Reprogram their mental maps and constructs.
h) Adapt readily to new and unusual circumstances and lifestyles.
i) Welcome and facilitate transitional experiences.
j) Acquire multicultural competencies and skills, including foreign languages.
k) Create cultural synergy whenever and wherever feasible.
l) Operate effectively in multinational/multicultural environments.
m) Envision transnational opportunities and enterprises (LIKE ME..... Hehehe!)
n) Create optimistic and doable scenarios for future.

To fulfill all these different requirements a new job profile has to be created to go inline with this multicultural task. A survey conducted by Topfer has made clear what the expectations are asked for by the international enterprises. (I have found the survey online)

If multicultural firms are to prosper now and in the future, they must develop managers who can successfully operate in a cross-cultural organization. Working together is different from doing business together as buyer and seller. It requires a deeper understanding of why people from different backgrounds behave the way they do.


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