Monday, June 12, 2006

My RESEARCH ABSTRACT & What I Intend to do.

1. Problem:
Issues of cross-cultural communication raise significant and legitimate problems faced by the international creative industry, especially in advertising.

2. Why the problem is a problem:
The mistranslation of ideas, concepts, puns, nuances, copy, slogans and jingles can mean that the intent and theme of a major international campaign is misrepresented, simply naïve or even offensive to some target markets.

3. How to deal with the problem:
The development of a "cultural-linguistic-CREATIVE-interpreter-translator mediator" international agency, or mediator agency, would help advertising agencies to apply their creative outcomes in a range of national markets especially in the Asia Pacific Region.

The main idea is to develop an agency that hires translators and interpreters who has a background in the creative industry. UNLIKE other translating and interpreting agencies which serves a whole range of businesses, this Mediator Agency only serves the advertising, marketing and media communication companies.

What are the prerequisites for the translator/ interpreters hired by this Mediator agency?
a) The mediators/translators/interpreters need to possess a good command of English and their native language.

b) The mediators/translators/interpreters need to have a background or experience in advertising or creative industry. Why? Because they understand the industry jargon and terms in advertising unlike other generic translators and interpreters who don't have a clue and idea about the technical terms used in advertising thus limiting their capability to complete an assignment effectively.

c) The mediators/translators/interpreters need to reside in their native countries. Why? Because as language changes through time, a term or word that is valid or widely used today, might not be well-known tomorow.

d) Possess good people skills. This is especially important for interpreters cum accounts service positions who might represent an international agency.

e) In touch with the culture they represent.

4. This would facilitate effective cross-cultural communication, thus helping to maintain brand identity and campaign strategies across different markets and cultures.


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