Friday, August 25, 2006

Screwdriver - Malaysian Ad

A nicely executed advertisement about the Malaysian advertising ruling against showing armpits on Malaysian TV. In Malaysia, the underarm is considered as 'private' (well not as private as the more private parts of the body) and most people there 'prefer' and try their best to not show or have them exposed at any time, even when wearing the skimpiest piece of clothing they will try to conceal it. This are more concerned with women rather than men, where showing 'too much' is generally considered as 'tarty', 'rude', 'bad upbringing' or simply 'Westernised'. Most Malaysians (especially the Malays) prefer not to look at them or be caught looking at others armpits or wearing anything that could possibly or accidentally expose their underarm (you guys might think it's funny but it's true and of course there are Malay Malaysians who wear piece of clothing that expose their underarm, I am refering to the general population, not only to the ones living in big cities like Kuala Lumpur).

Even with all these rules and sensitivities to be careful of, advertisements for body cologne/ spray or soaps use smart edits, cuts or tricks like placing a bath foam to conceal the underarm area if the talent is in the shower shampooing his/hers hair.


Blogger eMilyism said...

this is hilarious!! the aci looks so cute crying... anywyas i know that you're busy. so selamat hari raya iz. how was your raya?

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